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Preble County, Ohio

101 East Main Street ▪ Eaton, Ohio 45320
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Resources for Preble County
Working Families


Resources for Preble County Working Families

Today, America's working families are faced with an unstable job market and costs of necessities are continuously on the rise. Families are experiencing employment struggles, financial uncertainty and increased emotional challenges. Preble County acknowledges the need of families to find employment, save money and live a healthy, quality life. In an effort to assist, Preble County would like to share the links below to help you locate programs that may be able to help with monthly expenses, housing, medical care and nutritional needs.
Ohio Means Jobs
 Job and Family Services Job and Family Services
  Preble County Health District
Women, Infants & Children (WIC)
    Food Banks





Dayton Power & Light

Home is the Foundation (HIT)






Printable phone list of Various Community Resources.

Community Action Partnership offers a list of programs available in Preble County through their services.

Senior Citizens may seek additional assistance from the Preble County Council on Aging.

Veterans may also seek assistance with Veterans' Services at (937) 456-6111.


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