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Preble County, Ohio
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101 East Main Street ▪ Eaton, Ohio 45320
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Welcome to Preble County, Ohio, a premier location for business and industry strategically located in the center of the eastern United States, between Indianapolis, Indiana and Columbus, Ohio on the “Corridor of the Future”—Interstate 70.

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Shawnda Combs,
Economic Development Director
(937) 456-8188

"A strong economic development website is critical to a community’s ability to compete.  Development Counselors International estimates that as many as 71% of capital investment projects make a short-list of locations prior to contacting economic developers in the finalist communities.  This means that locations without a robust website are likely to be eliminated from without ever knowing that they were considered.  Preble County's initiative to create an economic development website is putting the County in a position to compete." 

Matt McQuade,
Ohio Business Development Coalition


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Welcome to Preble County, Ohio!
The primary purpose of the Preble County Economic Development website is to assist site location consultants and corporate real estate professionals in evaluating the “bottom line” benefits of locating in the Preble County / Dayton-Cincinnati Region. 

The Preble County Economic Development Department serves as your primary contact for the resources your company needs to grow in – or relocate – to – Preble County.  Our office facilitates businesses wishing to access local, regional, and state economic resources as well as offer tools, information, and insight to new and existing business. 

The Preble County Economic Development website provides information as to the proximity to interstate highways, airports, rail access, and water ports.

You’ll find that it is up-to-date and robust with the most recent information including amenities, trends, community climate and comparable demographic data.

With key sites and facilities in mind, this information will make your location decision easier.  Our site and facility database provides location, size, configuration, land use, and expansion opportunities.  Each listing provides additional information on utilities, resources, and contacts that will make your search successful. 

The Preble County Commissioners, staff, and Development Partnership  is dedicated to making sure that economic growth promotes our quality of life, add job opportunities, encourage economic activity, all while enhancing our infrastructure and the value we all place on living in a clean, beautiful county with sense of community and character that is second to none.

Preble County is Open for Business!
Consider  Preble County, Ohio  for your strategic business location to Live, work, play, and stay!
(Just ask our employees and employers!)


"Our workforce is highly
 dedicated and skilled"

Joanne Beineke, General Manager




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Lam Research Provides Grant for High-Tech Manufacturing Education Program in Ohio
The $20,000 grant, made on behalf of Silfex, Inc., will fund a Certified Production Technician program.




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